CVJ CSK IEM – Overears Hybrid Dual Driver Monitoring Earphone



CVJ CSK, 1BA+1DD Hybrid Driver IEM. Cocok untuk mixing / recording monitoring dan harian.
– Kabel bisa dilepas pasang.
– Suaranya warm dan smooth.
– Nyaman dipakai karena body tidak terlalu besar.
Sensitivty: 108dB
Impendence: 22Ω
Frequency response: 10-40KHz
Cable Length: 1.25m±5
Plug Type: 3.5mm plug
Connector: 2PIN 0.75MM
Color: black/Purple
Driver: 8mm 1DD+1BA(30095)

Bass is deep and after a period of time regains control and is less loose but still retains that powerful Sub-Bass slam. Bass has details too, its a decent quality Bass in both Sub and Mid but Mid-Bass does bleed into the Midrange giving it warmth and a recession too.
Mids: Are Recessed as one would expect from a strong Vshaped IEM but the are not too bad sounding. Most recordings they had sufficient character and vocals were warm and pleasant enough but I found them lacking for my taste.
Treble: was quite relaxed but sometimes would sparkle then descend at times it was polite and decent.
Soundstage: was Deep and yet not too wide, immersive and imaging was average to hazy at times.

Conclusion: This is not the worst IEM , in fact its kind of a fun listen but that said its tuning is odd and uninteresting. For me Its a too crowded a segment to be a good option as there are KZ , TRN and many others that just sound great and normal in this price range. I’m sure it will have some fans for the nice bass and different tonality but I’m not sold on it, maybe with some mods I will grow to like it.


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