What’s Included

  • A desktop stand
  • A 1/4″ to 5/8″ microphone mount thread adapter


It’s absolutely of USB microphone’s time

  • You might be thinking why do I need a USB microphone with an over-$100 price tag because with that budget you have just reached the entry-level of an XLR setup. But even around 30% of top Twitchers use a USB microphone! And it has shown itself to be quite useful especially during the pandemic lockdown.
  • You will just go berserk when setting up the XLR gears but finding out that the software configurations are not done yet. But it is a different case when using a plug & play USB mic.
  • An upmarket USB microphone also can be your lifesaver when it comes to home working or creating, because of its easy setup with PC and stripe-down controls.
  • The dials with good resistance to avoid accidentally spins. And the LED indicator gives you heed up of whether the mic is muted by mistake. All the user-friendly features committee to protecting you from the deadly traps that ruin sound quality without your awareness.
  • It can also be used with your phone through an adapter, providing a whole new experience of portability and flexibility. Wherever you are, in the kitchen or on the bed, you can have an online conferencing or video call with the best audio possible.

Keep on raising your game

  • The build quality is second to none, which feels reassuringly hefty. And it is far from being just a feeling, it actually helps with the sound quality. A heavy-duty mic is less likely to suffer from vibration even it is not mounted on an arm. No annoying resonant frequencies.
  • With a headphone volume control, the low-latency monitoring jack is even more useable. Because when the headphone is plugged into the mic, you still can control the output volume of your PC on the fly.
  • It is standing taller than a normal desktop mic, so the capsule will not point towards your chest. And it can be tilted it back and forward. That means a shorter speaking distance, and thus it will pick up a more engaged voice of yours when it is placed in the original stand.
  • It is also easy-peasy to take the mic out of its cradle and put it onto a scissor arm stand with an included adapter, to better improve the sound quality and professional feel of your studio.
  • It does not come with the fancy software. But you do not need one either, which may ruin the simplicity of the product. it is the mic with all the controls on its body already. And all those are useful to your use but not too many to make you confused.

Futuristic controls, retro look  

  • The aesthetics of a microphone should be in the lowest priority when choosing a microphone. But you can not deny that so much more value a good looking microphone can bring to you.
  • There is no edge on the microphone itself. It consists of all-round shapes. A sleek feel between the lines of its body, which reflects the warmth as its bass presents you with.
  • Another benefit of its round body is not being offensive when your viewers see it from the streaming frame. Because of the relatively compact size, the clunky shape will still fit in wherever place you put it.

Steal the show with the party piece of multiple pickup patterns

  • A polar pattern knob allows you to toggle among cardioid, omnidirectional, bi-directional and stereo, which adds different dimensions to the use of the mic
  • For home podcasting and voice-over, in which scenario you do not want to hear the room, a tight pattern, such as unidirectional or bi-directional, will come in important
  • For interview, podcast, or reaction commentary when you have a person on the other side of the table, you can not pull it well if the mic you use is only available in cardioid. You will want a bi-directional mic, which hears well from the front as well as the back, but the mic cuts out the side.
  • Even if your guest sits on the same side, you would still prefer an omnidirectional pattern over the uni-directional.
  • There is not much practical use of the omnidirectional in most cases, because it just picks up sound from full 360 degrees. But what if you plan to field recordings to get some subtle sound? It will be the pattern that you desperately need!
  • ASMR artists, we do not forget you. The stereo mode is tailor-made for you. Plus the round shape metal mesh top, you can pull off any ASMR trick with this mic.

It is not all swagger, the audio quality will pack a good punch

  • FIFINE is a brand known for calibration high-end sound while the K690 is the top gun of the FIFINE range, which means it will have the same clear sound reproduction in its bloodline.
  • And the clarity does stop there, with the finely-engineered capsule, the USB mic will pick up even more details without a bit of harshness. It is for you vocalist and guitarists! Let people hear how you vibrate the throat, hit the strings or slap the bass.
  • Being a “modern” USB microphone, the sounding is not quite likely to be neutral. But the tone is not close to boxy either. No particular part of high or low frequency will jump out.
  • The lows are as pronounced and good as the highs. A radio podcast host will not think the K690 is too boomy and muffled. But the guest with a thin voice will surprisingly hear herself warm and rich.



Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid/Omnidirectional/Bi-directional/Stereo
Frequency Response 40-20kHz
Sensitivity -45d±3dB
S/N Ratio 65dB
Power Supply 5V/80-150mA USB power
Output Connection USB 2.0


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