MAONO AU-903 USB Microphone Cardioid Omnidirectional Mic Podcast ASMR



MAONO AU-903 USB Microphone Cardioid Omnidirectional Mic Podcast ASMR

Two Selectable Polar Patterns: Cardioid polar patterns can reduce noise effectively. The omnidirectional pickup mode is more suitable for multi-person use. Two polar patterns bring you different recording experiences. The user can change the microphone pickup mode with the polarity switch on the back.

Ultra-wide Frequency Response Range: 30Hz~18kHz. Unique designed audio circutry focus on your voice or instrument while minimizing the sound of the room. Perfect restoration of vocals and instruments, like piano, violin, cello, cymbals, trumpet, saxophone.

0 Lanterney Headphone Monitor: 48 kHz/16 bit, sampling rate. HI-FI performance distinctive cardioid pick-up pattern, radio reception at different angles. Full Metal Casing with cylindrical design, gives a fashion feeling and better experience

Microphone Gain: When the microphone is working normally, the LED light is green. Turn the gain knob clockwise to increase the microphone gain. Turn the gain knob counterclockwise to decrease the gain of the microphone. Click the knob to mute the microphone.

Clear Recording:Microphone Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz, Sampling Rate: 48kHz/16bit Microphone plug and play. It can reproduce your wonderful sound perfectly, especially suitable for vocals.



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